Medieval Wedding at Hatley Castle


Zakary and Neoma got married 3 years ago, and unfortunately weren't happy with their wedding photos (taken by someone else!) It had rained on their wedding day, and they didn't really get any good shots with their photographer. For their anniversary gift to each other, they contacted me to do a reshoot!  I asked them what they wanted to do if it rained again, and they said they were up for it rain or shine! And guess what!? It rained, and the photos turned out fantastic because of it! You just gotta be prepared and have a photographer who knows how to make the best of it. Take a look, and see what we got in the rain!

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Neoma had two gorgeous medieval dresses, one of which she made herself. As you can see, she did an amazing job and didn't leave out a single detail!

After we did some photos at Hatley Castle, we headed over to Thetis Lake for some forest photos. The rain held off, and everything was vibrant and colorful because it was all still wet!

To add the "cherry on top" we fulfilled Neoma's vision of having butterflies in her photos! What a perfect setting.

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Congratulations Zakary and Neoma!! I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to reshoot such and important event for you two and I'm glad we captured these special memories for your anniversary.

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